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(^\/ r OUR home is the most important 
_£ purchase you will ever make. 
Probably the largest in dollars and 
cents; certainly the one that will most di- 
rectly influence your comfort, happiness 
and well being for many years to come. 

Surely, in considering this purchase 
your first thought should be to provide the 
greatest possible assurance that your new 
home will be all you expected it to be. 
Liberty Homes and the Liberty Ready-Cut 
System give you that assurance. The Lib- 
erty System takes the gamble and uncer- 
tainty out of building — protects you from 
the heartaches that result from faulty 
planning, excessive costs, and improper or 
inferior materials. 

In every Liberty Home the construction 
is of the same type as that of the attrac- 
tive, costly Architect-Built homes you 
have often seen and admired. They are 
erected in exactly the same manner as any 
other sturdy, substantial home is built, 
each individual piece of material stoutly 
and permanently nailed in place in the 
same way that first-class carpenters are ac- 
customed to build good homes. 

Briefly, the Liberty System of Home 
Building is simply this — a system by 
means of which you can select from a 
large variety of styles and sizes of houses 
the one which ideally meets your idea of 
the kind of a home you would like to own. 
It offers you the protection of a Complete 
Home-Building Service, including not 
only the architectural plans and working 
instructions, but also the lumber, meas- 
ured and cut in the proper lengths to 
conform exactly with the building plans. 
You are also furnished with the necessary 
sizes and quantities of nails, the hardware, 
paint, stains, varnish, doors, windows, 
roofing and other materials specified in 
detail on another page of this catalog. 

The result is a home that is not only 
architecturally correct in every particular 
but is built according to plans which have 
been tried and proved by hundreds of 
others like yourself who wanted a first- 
quality home at a fair and reasonable price. 
Now turn the page and read the com- 
plete story of the Liberty Ready-Cut Sys- 
tem and its many advantages from the 
standpoint of quality, ease of construction 
and, most important of all, LOW COST. 

jN BUILDING a house, the part of 
the work that is the hardest and 
takes up the most time is the 
measuring, sawing and planing the lumber 
— getting it ready to put up. The actual 
work of nailing it in place is easily and 
quickly done. 

Make it a point some day to watch a 
carpenter building a house and see how 
much time he spends with his rule and 
pencil, figuring and measuring the lengths 
and angles of the various pieces of lumber, 
and then count up how many hours each 
day are consumed in sawing all of the 
lumber by hand. You will realize at once 
that a good share of the carpenter's time 
is being wasted in doing things which 
could be done much more quickly and 
cheaply by machinery. 

The Liberty System of Home Building 
eliminates entirely the expense of having 
to pay a carpenter for the hours he spends 
every day in getting the lumber ready to 
nail in place. In our mills the work of 
measuring, sawing and mitering is all done 
by machinery — not only in a fraction of 
the time it takes to do it by hand but also 
with absolute accuracy. 

The result is that you will not have to 
pay a carpenter nearly as much to build a 
Liberty Home because it will not take him 
nearly so long. In fact, in many cases, it 
is not necessary to hire a carpenter at all. 
With the difficult measuring and sawing 

eliminated, you can take advantage of the 
assistance offered by your friends and 
neighbors, and trust them with the work 
of nailing — because the lumber is cut to 
exact size and fits into its proper place 
without any alterations. 

By purchasing the materials for your 
home from us, cut to size and ready to 
nail in place, you save hours and hours of 

For example, it takes a carpenter about 
eight hours to measure and saw the rafters 
for the roof of an average size house. In 
our mill, however, we can saw the rafters 
for two or three dozen houses in the same 
length of time. 

When you consider that the same saving 
applies throughout the various other parts 
of the construction, you will see at once 
why the Liberty System enables you to 
build your home at such an extremely low 

No Tedious 
Measuring and Sawing 
When You Build 
a Liberty Home 

Here Are 
the Reasons Why! 

M 3p! HERE is no magic in our being 
able to furnish you with the ma- 
terials for building your home at 

a price that will save you a substantial sum 
of money. The explanation is very simple! 
In the first place, we manufacture an 
immense number of homes every year — 
and quantity production results in tre- 
mendous savings in the building of homes 
just as it does in the building of automo- 
biles, refrigerators, stoves or any other 
manufactured product. 

Efficient Production Methods 

In the second place, the mammoth Lib- 
erty mills are equipped with the most 
modern electrically operated machinery, 
designed to cut lumber accurately and eco- 
nomically. Such efficient production 
methods enable us to produce the finished 
product at a fraction of the usual cost. 

Thirdly, the business we do is not con- 
fined to one small community, but is 
nation-wide in its scope. Consequently we 
are able to purchase materials in tremen- 
dous quantities at much more advantageous 
prices than if we had to buy our lumber, 
paints, hardware and other materials in 
small lots as a local contractor would have 
to do. 

Then, too, we employ no agents, solici- 
tors or traveling salesmen, whose salaries 
have to be added to the cost of what we 
sell. This, in itself, results in a consider- 
able saving of money to you. 

But the savings above mentioned are not 
all by any means. Read on and see! 

Not a Piece of Lumber Wasted F 

Waste is one of the greatest enemies of 
Life. It robs your energy. It robs your 
bank account. Did you ever notice the 
heaps of wasted materials lying around a 
newly finished house. This wasted mate- 
rial costs the owner good money, just as 
much as the material actually used, yet it 
was thrown away. It makes you feel good 
to know that when you build the Liberty 
way, all this waste has been eliminated and 
you pay only for the material that is 
actually used for construction. 

Not a Penny Thrown Away! 

Good building material is too valuable 
to be wasted. Through scientific planning 
and manufacturing methods, every inch of 
good lumber is used. Where there is not 
waste, there is no overcharge. In building 
a Liberty Home you profit from these ef- 
ficient production principles. 

But this is not all that you save — as you 
will see when you read the following pages. 

BEARS ago, before the Liberty Method 
*1 of home-building was established, the 

m ideal way to build a home was to have 

the work supervised from beginning to end by a 
capable architect who was experienced in de- 
signing and building good homes. An architect 
understands proper construction methods; he 
knows the proper materials to use for each par- 
ticular purpose; he sees to it that your home is 
built exactly in accordance with approved plans 
and specifications. 

No Extra Fees 

CJ 4 ) HEN you build a Liberty Home you 
f/1/receive the benefit of valuable architec- 
tural service without having to pay any 
extra fee. Every Liberty Home is designed by 
an experienced architect, and the materials are 
selected and manufactured exactly in accord- 
ance with his detailed plans and specifications. 

Our architectural service assures you that your 
home will be properly constructed in every par- 
ticular. On the other hand, if you hire a carpen- 
ter to furnish the material and build you a house 
for a certain sum of money, there is no way for 
you to know definitely what the final results will 
be. He may scrimp here and there, perhaps splic- 
ing short pieces of lumber together where full 
length pieces are required. The result usually is 
a house of flimsy construction. 






for their 

Style and 






i ,/- >*: 

f ■ ~^M 


INHERE is nothing new or experi- 
mental about the construction 
principles followed in the design- 

ing of Liberty Homes. They are the out- 
growth of 44 years of experience in the 
building of homes of a fine, substantial 
type — homes numbered well up into the 
thousands in practically every section of 
the country. 

One of the outstanding superiorities of 
Liberty construction is that every piece of 
lumber is of adequate size and strength to 
meet the particular requirements of the use 
to which it is to be put. 

For example, where experience lias 
shown certain timbers, such as girders, 
joists, studding and rafters, must be of a 
particular weight or dimension in order to 

insure the proper degree of sturdiness and 
rigidity, our architects see to it that the 
specifications, in every case, fully meet 
such requirements. 

Make This Simple Comparison 

Contrast this with houses that you see a 
carpenter erecting without architectural 
supervision. Observe how the carpenter 
has filled in here and there with crooked 
boards and short pieces full of knots. Then 
when the house is finished, squint along 
the walls and see if they are straight. See 
if the rooms are the same dimension at 
one side as at the other by examining the 
floor boards, or by looking to see if the 
wallpaper has the same pattern in the cor- 
ners of the room from top to bottom. 

A Home 

Correctly Planned 
In Every Detail 

IN THE Liberty System 
of home building, noth- 
ing is left to chance. 
Every construction detail is fig- 
ured out by our architects in 
advance, so that when the house 
is shipped to you, every piece of 
lumber is cut the right length and at the 
correct angle to fit properly. Consequently, 
when the work of erection is completed, 
you have a house that stands four square 
■ — with walls straight and plumb, and 
every detail of its construction carried out 
exactly as called for in the plans. 

Even though you were to pay an archi- 
tect several hundred dollars to design your 
home, you could have no home more 
solidly and substantially constructed than 
a Liberty. 

Conforms to Building Codes 

The construction of Liberty Homes is 
carried out in strict accordance with the 
best modern engineering practice and will 
fully meet the requirements in practically 
all localities. 

If, however, there should be any change 
from standard construction that your local 
building code requires, we will be glad, 
when requested, to provide for such 
changes and furnish the materials accord- 
ingly, charging only for the extra mate- 
rial, if any, that may be needed. 

Liberty homes 

are carefully 

planned so that 

the furniture 

can be 



The Money You Spend for Rent 
Will Soon Pay for a Home 

HE only way to protect yourself 
against rising rents is to build a 
home of your own. Otherwise you 
are forever at the mercy of landlords and 
are forced to pay whatever they choose to 
demand. How much more pleasant it is to 
have a home of your own, free from con- 
stant worries about being obliged to move, 
should your landlord take a notion to raise 
your rent beyond what you can afford to 

And, best of all, think how nice it is to 
have a home of your own when you get 
along in years and your income drops! 
Then it will be harder than ever to meet 
the monthly rent payments. Decide now to 
protect yourself from this future burden 
by building a home of your own this very 
month. There is nothing that will give you 
greater satisfaction, comfort, and a sense 
of security in years to come! 

Change in Floor Plans 

May Be Made to Suit Your 

Individual Taste 

The plans for each and every Liberty 
Home shown in this catalog have been de- 
veloped by our architects with great care, 
resulting in plans that are most practical 
from the standpoint of convenience in 
arrangement, as well as economy in build- 
ing. We recommend you choose the design 
that suits you best and build it just as 
planned by our architects. Maximum sav- 
ings will be the result. 

If you should find, however, that minor 
changes in the plan or in the specifications 
would be desirable in your particular case, 
we will be glad to accommodate you by 
making such changes which our architects 
consider practical. 

= 7 : 

HE Liberty method of construc- 
tion is so simple that many pur- 
chasers of Liberty Homes do all 
of the building themselves. If you have the 
time, you will save just that much more 
money, and, in addition, you will have a 
great deal of pleasure. 

But, whether or not you do the build- 
ing yourself, the Liberty method enables 
you to save money by being your own 
contractor. The fact that Liberty con- 
struction plans are so much more complete 
than the usual architects' drawings makes 
it possible to build a Liberty home without 

the least difficulty. 

The figures at the bottom of the page 
will give you an idea as to how long it will 
take to erect the particular Liberty home 
you want, if you hire one carpenter and 
two helpers to do the work. You can, of 
course, shorten this time considerably by 
arranging to help in whatever spare time 
you have, thereby also reducing the ex- 
pense of carpenter labor. 

You will see by the letters from our cus- 
tomers that many of them built their own 
homes with no outside help at all — yet they 
did not have the least bit of trouble. 

Estimated Time To Build 


Ashland 22 Dover . . . 

Beverly 14 Eden .... 

Brighton 16 Edmund . 

Cambridge 23 Fairfield . 

Castlewood 10 Lafayette 

Cavalier 30 La Salle . 

Clinton A 12 Mayfair .. 

Clinton B 13 Nantucket 

Columbia 21 National . 

Concord 16 Newport . 

Cornell 17 Pilgrim . . 

Delaware 17 Richmond 

Following is given the estimated number of 
days' time required by one carpenter with two 
helpers working eight hours a day to build 
each Liberty Home, 


.. 17 

.. 7 

.. 15 

.. 19 

,. 16 

.. 22 

.. 19 

.. 20 

.. 16 

.. 21 

.. 20 

.. 25 


St. Regis 28 

Senator 17 

Sheridan 15 

Tacoma 18 

Van Dyke 24 

Vernon 21 

Wellington A 18 

Wellington B 23 

Winslow 21 

Worthington 21 

No Experience 

llgfll VERY step in the building of a Lib- 

1 erty Home is figured out for you, so 
that all you have to do is follow the 

drawings and instructions which we furnish 

Take the foundation, for example. As soon 
as your order is received, our architectural 
department will send you the detailed work- 
ing blueprints and complete instructions on 
how to build your foundation — either with a 
basement or without it — in accordance with 
the soundest building principles. By the time 
the materials for your home are delivered, 
your foundation should be completed, ready 
for your carpenters to start building without 
losing one hour. 

Nothing To Figure Out! 

/£~JUR, complete detailed plans and working i 
\^JI tions show you just how to go about it. We 
you these working instructions, together 

complete set of blueprints, several days before the 

rials for your home are to 

You will find the Liberty 

method of construction very 

easy to understand. Every 

step is clearly explained, and 

the materials numbered to 

correspond with the working 

plans and instructions. No 

time is lost in sorting. 

Whether you do the work 

yourself or hire a carpenter, 

the work of erecting a Lib- 
erty Home is easy, simple, 

and systematic. Your home 

will be up and ready to move Basement 

into almost before you know m e ^ ocess 

J - or Construction 

Iti from Blueprint 

Blueprints Easy to Follow 

"We are well pleaded with our Liberty 
home and garage. 1 have done all the 
work myself with my wife as helper. Sev- 
eral carpenters have looked at our house 
lately and think 1 did a good job the whole 
way thru. I have never worked at car- 
penter work in my life, but I was able 
to read the blue print with no 
trouble at all, and I just followed 
it. and d'd fine." George Sanders, 
New Jersey. 

* V H M 

The CONCORD— Moa -fltttectfa 

HunGaLow - Well Planned - J-ow in @o5t 

To look at the pleasant exterior design and to visit its 
well-arranged interior, no one would guess that the Con- 
cord is priced as low as the figure shown on our price list. 

The Concord is a charming home that offers you the 
choice of two good plans with large, comfortable rooms 
with generous closet space. Plan A is arranged with a 
grade cellar stairway. In Plan B the grade entrance ad- 
dition as shown on page 47 should be used when a cellar 
stairway is desired. 

In the Concord every inch of space is used to good 

advantage, and whichever plan you choose, you will have 
a home that will give you much more satisfaction than 
your money could buy anywhere else. 

And here's another thing in its favor — the roomy attic 
can easily be finished off to make another bedroom. 

Shingles are furnished for the sidewalk with gray 
creosote stain for two full brush coats. These shingles 
are guaranteed to give satisfactory service for 25 years 
as explained on page 41. Shutters and flower boxes fur- 
nished as shown. Height of ceilings S'6". 

Bed £oom 

Beto £oom 


Bed Qoom 

Living Q,oom 





The WELLINGTON - - -0 P*ty Winn* - 

-Otttactha - Economical - U/ell Planned 

The neat English exterior of this favorite design, with the 
brown stained side wall shingles, encloses an interior plan that 
will please the tastes of many modern families. Modern home 
makers require more in a home than an attractive exterior, as 
they become more and more economical in the saving of time 
and steps. Convenience is one of the first requisites of a good 
design. In both plans of the Wellington we find the happy 
combination of an attractive exterior and a most convenient 
plan combined with good taste and real economy. 

Plan A is designed for the family requiring only two bed- 
rooms with a large attic space that can easily be made access- 
ible by having an attic stairway leading up out of the kitchen 
over the present cellar stairs. The small additional cost for 
attic stairs, extra door, etc., will be quoted on request. 

In Plan B the large 
attic space has been 
utilized to provide for 
two bedrooms in addi- 
tion to the splendid large 
bedroom on the first 

Ornamental window 
shutters and flower 
boxes are furnished for 
front windows as shown 
in illustration. 

Height of ceilings first 
floor 8'6", second floor 

The CORNELL - - -0 J/om* l/ou 

U/ill £e Ptoud to <?all 1/out Own 

Living Qooaa 


Bed &oom 

tZ L 0"x lO'-C," 

For attractiveness in outward ap- 
pearance and convenience in interior 
arrangement, it would be difficult to 
find a home more appealing than the 
charmingly designed Cornell. 

Departing from the more conven- 
tional square or rectangular type of 
house, its jutting front and outward- 
extending living room give it a dis- 
tinguished appearance that is seldom 
found except in much more expen- 
sive homes. The slatLed Colonial shut- 
ters and the front gable, with its 
circular window set off by a back- 
ground of plain matched siding, 
combine to contribute to the exterior 
a touch of distinction, while the dou- 
ble layer and 12-inch exposure of the 
shingles on the sidewall creates an 
effect that is unusually pleasing. 

When you study the floor plan, you 
will be immediately impressed by the 
size of the living room. Measuring 18 
feet in length and 12 feet in 
provides ample room not only for an 
abundance of chairs and occasional 
tables but also for a grand piano. 
This room, as well as all of the others, 
has a full ceiling height of 8 feet. 

Among the other notable features 
are a large guest closet off the vesti- 
bule, a clothes closet in each of the 
bedrooms, and a linen closet open- 
ing off the hallway. 

12 = 

a? ' *i'''««" /^v; a* !^H 


The MAYFAIR - - 4n 3d**L 4/om* 

(food to Jlook -fit - Pleaiant to Jlive Dn 

Bed Q.ooa\ 




Living Q.ooa\ 

1 6- Ox IZ-o" 

5eo Boo/a 


Seldom will you find a home that can 
compare with the Mayfair from the 
standpoint of an attractive exterior 
combined with a well-planned interior. 
In fact, it is hard to imagine how 
either one could he improved to add a 
higher degree of beauty or a greater 
degree of convenience than has been 
attained in this superbly modern home. 

With double-lap shingles accentuating 
the breadth of its 30 ft. front, and with 
slatted Colonial shutters to lend a touch 
of color and contrast, the Mayfair can- 
not but excite the admiration of all 
who have an eye for beauty. Everyone 
who sees it is immediately filled with 
the desire to own it. 

Glance at the floor plan and observe 
what a large living room the Mayfair 
provides. Then look at the kitchen and 
see how a scries of cabinets (Style C-4) 
can be arranged along the right-hand 
side, with the sink and work-table in 
the center, directly in front of the win- 
dow. And do not overlook the cosy 
diningialcove, just to the left, with a 
recessed space for a china cabinet. 

You will like the convenient location 
of the bathroom — between the two 
bedrooms — and also the provision for a 
closet in each bedroom, with an extra 
guest closet off the vestibule. In fact, 
the more carefully you study the May- 
fair, the more delighted you will be 
with its completeness in every way. 

: 13 : 


This beautiful Colonial home has the grace and dignity 
combined with interior spaciousness that usually come 
only in homes costing much more to build. It is this com- 
bination of charm, comfort and economy that makes the 
Van Dyke outstanding in popularity decades after its 
model first flourished in the hospitable Colonies. The use 
of the wide-lapped stained shingles for the exterior walls ' 
is most appropriate, however, siding would be in good 
taste and will be furnished in place of the shingles at a 
nominal extra cost. 

From the moment you enter the Van Dyke through 
the attractive Colonial entrance you are immediately 
impressed with its air of roominess. Every detail of its 
interior plan bespeaks comfort and hospitality. Not a fea- 
ture is lacking that would make this a more desirable 
home. And like all Liberty Homes the Van Dyke has 
those fundamentals that insure lifetime satisfaction — yet 
at a cost considerably less than you would pay for a 
home of commonplace design, inferior construction and 
materials. Height of ceilings 8 feet. 

Dining Goom 


Living Qoom 

Bed Boom 


J3/5TH / 

Bed Qoom 

\z-o'x \4'-C' 


Bed Qooaa 

= 14= 


This entrancingly beautiful home, with its combina- 
tion stone veneer and shingle exterior and harmonizing 
stone chimney, will appeal to you strongly if you are 
seeking a design that is distinctive without being overly 
ornate. Shingles or siding may, of course, be used in 
place of stone, if you so desire. 

Among the Cavalier's many outstanding features are 
the large, well-lighted rooms, eight closets, and the "at- 
tached-garage" with its overhanging roof forming a 
protected entrance. In fact, it has every feature that 
you would expect to find in a home of the more preten- 
tious type. Height of ceilings 8 feet. 

= 15: 


To prospective home builders who have looked high 
and low for an attractive, well planned, six-room home 
at a price within the means of the average family, the 
Worthington should have a strong appeal. It cannot help 
but satisfy those who seek the maximum in living com- 
fort for a small investment. 

The floor plan arrangement is ideal with an unusually 
large comfortable living room, dining room, kitchen and 
three splendid bedrooms. One bedroom is conveniently 
located on the first floor with a private toilet. Closet 
space is ample. Shingles furnished for sidewalls with 
the color of stain you prefer. Height of ceilings S'. 

The ASHLAND-Jk Kooms of <2k*tm 

and /Qeninement in tkh ftonuLat &e5iqn 

This modern six-room dwelling, with a porch that 
gives it a broad expanse of front, appeals especially to 
those who want a home of generous proportions at a 
moderate price. 

An exceptionally large living room, with a fireplace at 
one side and French door leading to the porch, is one of 
the many attractive features of the well-planned interior. 
Another is the wide studio window in the dining room. 
Still another is the provision for a lavatory and toilet on 
the first floor, in addition to the bathroom on the sec- 
ond floor. Large closets are provided for each of the 

three bedrooms and in addition there is the convenient 
closet for linens opening off of the downstairs hall and 
the handy guest closet off of the vestibule. 

All in all, the Ashland is a striking example of the 
many "plus values" that are incorporated in Liberty 
Homes. The most painstaking care has been exercised 
in the working out of every detail so as to insure a maxi- 
mum of comfort and convenience to the thousands who, 
when they buy a home, will want one that will give 
them everything they have longed for. Height of ceil- 
ings 8 feet. 



Exterior design makes for desirability and determines 
the true value of a home equally as much as the interior 
arrangement. In the Richmond, a true Cape Cod Colonial 
design, you have a home with an exterior that is perfect 
to the smallest detail, and an interior arrangement that 
provides the maximum in comfort and convenience. There 
is something quite satisfying and restful about the Rich- 
mond with its shingled sidewalls, the formal entrance, 
quaint dormers, shuttered windows. The floor plan is of 
a well established and popular type, having the entrance 
in the center, a large living room on one side opening onto 

the attractive side porch, and on the other side the dining 
room and kitchen. Notice the attractive bay window in 
the dining room with its built-in window seat. Adjoining 
the large kitchen and handy to the living room is the rear 
entry and down-stairs toilet. 

The open stairway leads up out of the vestibule to a 
roomy, well-lighted hall upstairs which connects with the 
three bedrooms and bath. Although shingles are regularly 
furnished for the sidewalls, siding would be in good taste 
and will be furnished if desired. Height of ceilings, both 
floors, 8 feet. 





Dining Jioovu 

j Hall 

= 18 

The ST. REGIS--0 Jjom* <$ Taitfal 

"Peiiyn and Moomu Uniettot 

In this popular home, the St. Regis, we are proud to 
offer the very latest style of home, from the standpoint 
of exterior design as well as interior arrangement. A de- 
lightful balanced effect is given by the sweeping lines of 
the roof which extends down past the chimney on one 
side and over a trellised archway on the other side, giving 

it a total frontage of 38 feet. The exterior may either 
be shingled, as shown above, or finished with wide siding. 
Notice how large and pleasant the rooms are and how 
conveniently they are arranged. Height of ceilings first 
floor 8'6", second floor 8'0". See detailed specifications 
beginning on page 40. 


5 , ' i *'■ 

Livitfc UdoM KIDitfitfc Boom 

i T - 


The NEWPORT-^ Veiled 

(?ape (?od Colonial— Udeal Plan 

This handsome and distinctive design has won for 
itself a place high in the esteem of home-builders every- 
where. With an exterior as delightful as the Newport, it 
is not surprising to find its interior arrangement perfect 
in every detail, with its generous size rooms providing the 
maximum in comfort and convenience. 

The shingled sidewalls, stained white or light gray ac- 

cording to your particular preference are most appro- 
priate although siding will be in good taste and will be 
furnished instead of shingles at a nominal extra cost. 
Ornamental shutters are furnished for the front and side 
windows as shown in the illustration. Height of ceilings, 
both floors, 8 feet. 


km Doom 

Diniwg QoomI Livinc Boom 



— rt 1 ' 

|l 1 


:20 = 


fin I/deal Qataae- attacked Six /Qoom -ffome 

Planned on traditional lines of early New England 
architecture and accommodated to the requirements of 
present-day living, this prize-winning Cape Cod Colonial 
design is a perfect example of sane, efficient planning. 
Although compact, it has ample floor space with its well- 
proportioned rooms arranged so as to afford the con- 
venience and privacy all too often lacking in small homes. 

Efficient planning should, and in the Nantucket does, 
provide for the matter of low upkeep as well as original 
building cost., Having eight-foot ceilings on both floors, it 

is an easy and economical home to heat. The attached 
garage is a particularly desirable feature from the stand- 
point of appearance as well as convenience. Aside from 
being a perfect, practical plan, it is also serene and restful 
in appearance with the slatted colonial shutters which 
frame the wide front windows adding the final touch of 
good taste to its attractive exterior. It is a design that 
will lend itself well to good landscaping and will prove 
to be a sound and readily salable investment. Height 
of ceilings 8 feet. 

=21 = 


We take a great deal of pride in presenting the Tacoma 
as we feel that it will meet a long-felt want in the hearts 
of many. It not only has beauty in every detail of its 
exterior, but an exceptionally well laid out interior plan 
as well, 

One of the features of the Tacoma which appeals to 
many home builders, is to have a home in which you 
have a complete living arrangement on the first floor and 
have it practical at very little extra expense to have addi- 

tional rooms finished off on the 2nd floor at some future 

The regular price of the Tacoma includes the stairway 
to attic, 2x8" 2nd floor joists, windows as shown and attic 
flooring so that the arrangement shown on the suggested 
plan below can be carried out at a minimum cost. The 
price of the materials needed for completing the 2nd floor 
plan as shown will be quoted on request. 

Height of ceilings: first floor 8'6", second floor 8'0". 

The exterior walls of the Tacoma are planned to be covered with 
clear Red Cedar shingles, stained a rich brown. For the flower 
boxes, window shutters, porch columns, etc., we suggest a light 
cream color that will harmonize nicely with the brown shingles. 




One cannot help but admire the beauty, refine- 
ment and restfulness of this lovely design. With its 
graceful entrance treatment, and the soft gray 
shingle sidewalls, blending in perfectly with the 
general exterior design, it is a home that is highly 
desirable in any locality. Here, indeed, is a home 

that invites home ownership. In selecting the 
Cambridge you obtain the perfect combination 
of an unusually attractive exterior and an ideal 
interior plan, all at an astonishing low cost. 

Height of ceilings first floor 8' 6", second floor 
8'0". Front door design No. 9 as shown. 

= 23 = 


The lasting satisfaction one derives from a home de- 
pends largely on its exterior attractiveness and from that 
standpoint, too, the Vernon is sure to win admiration. It 


Bed ftooM 

DiiMc Boom 

is one of the most interesting designs of the modern 
architectural period— beauty— convenience— practicability 
—roominess, all at a low cost. Rarely does one find a de- 
sign with so many outstanding features. 

The exterior walls are finished with wide-lapped 
shingles stained white with the ornamental shutters to 
give the desired contrast. Siding and paint may be sub- 
stituted for the shingles and stain at a small additional 
cost. The large attic space is made available by arrang- 
ing the stairway as shown, conveniently located off the 
dining room. While the first floor joists are 2 x 10" the 
attic "floor joists are 2 x 8" with rough attic flooring 
furnished for a space 14 feet wide. Two additional bed- 
rooms may be finished off on the 2nd floor as suggested 
below. A home such as this which provides such a per- 
feet plan with ample provision for future expansion 
deserves to win the sincere approval of all who see it. 
Height of ceilings 8'6". 

Bed Boom 

Living Boom 

Suggested arrangement for 2nd floor. Price cover- 
ing necessary materials will be quoted on request. 

= 24- 


Here is a delightful five-room home that has met with 
enthusiastic acceptance among home builders everywhere. 
It is a design that seems to portray the suburban neigh- 
borhood of happy, contented home owners. 

Among the world's riches there are a few whose value 
cannot be reckoned in terms of dollars and cents. Not 
the least of these is that deep satisfaction which comes 
from home-ownership — the knowledge that in your name 
stands the title to a cottage on a quiet 
street — a yard, a garden of beautiful 
flowers — a refuge from the eternal pur- 
suit of business — a home, within which 
you will find most of the joy and hap- 
piness that this life offers. 

The LaSalle has the typical colonial 
entrance in the center, balanced with 
the attractive grouping of three win- 
dows and flower box on each side. On 
the end is the pleasant porch. Note the 
exceptionally large, well-proportioned 
living room. A fireplace may be con- 
structed without any sacrifice to the 
present convenient arrangement as 
shown below. 

All in all the LaSalle is about as 
perfectly designed a bungalow as any 
home builder could wish for, It gives 
just the right combination of coziness 
with roominess, comfort and handsome 
appearance, and its low price will be 
the most welcome surprise of all. Height 
of ceilings, either plan, 9 feet. 

Suggested fireplace arrangement 

= 25 = 


Bed Goom. 

IO'-o'x \2J-Z" 




I4 L 0* \u'-o'' 

The attractive simplicity of design which charac- 
terizes the Edmund makes it the ideal type of 
home for those whose taste in architecture leans 
toward the simple and dignified rather than the 
ornate. With the shingles stained white, and the 
Colonial slatted shutters in a pleasing shade of 
brown, the effect is highly entrancing. The color 
combination may, of course, be varied, according to 
the taste of the individual purchaser, as we supply 
both paint and stain in any color desired. 

Differing from many of the other Liberty Homes 
in floor plan, this model has a living room lighted 
by three windows, one at the front, and two at the 
sides. Besides being unusually large, the living 
room has another feature that you cannot help but 
appreciate — a convenient closet at the rear for guest 
wraps. Each of the bedrooms also has its own 
individual closet, and there is still another closet 
off the hall which can be used either for clothing 
or for linens, as desired. 

A notable feature, seldom found except in large 
size houses, is the dining alcove, located between 
the living room and the kitchen. Imagine this cosy 
room daintily furnished with a modern dining set, 
and with bright colored curtains on the window'. 
Could you think of anything that would contribute 
more to making every mealtime an occasion to be 
looked forward to? 

Now glance at the convenient kitchen arrange- 
ment! On one side, in a recessed nook, space is 
provided for a range and a refrigerator, while on 
the opposite side you can have a cabinet arrange- 
ment like C-4, shown on page 46. With everything 
arranged to best advantage, here is truly a step- 
saving kitchen! 

If you are planning on a moderately priced home, 
and yet one that has every modem feature, we 
commend this model to your careful consideration. 




It would be difficult to find a five- 
room home possessing a more attrac- 
tive exterior or a more pleasing inte- 
rior arrangement than the ultra-mod- 
ern home here illustrated. 

With the dining room located at 
the very front of the house, and the 
kitchen directly behind it in a pro- 
jecting wing, both having windows 
facing the street, the Fairfield marks 
a distinct departure from other 
styles of homes which have the kitchen 
at the rear. This arrangement results 
in the saving of a great many steps 
from kitchen to front door when an- 
swering the door-bell. 

Extra wide studio windows in the 
dinette and living room make both of 
these rooms exceptionally light and 
cheerful, while windows on two sides 
of each bedroom provide not only an 
abundance of light but also ample 
cross-ventilation to keep them cool in 

In addition to the two sleeping 
rooms on the lower floor, there is 
also space for two bedrooms on the 
second floor, which is reached by a 
stairway leading from the living room. 
Height of ceilings 8 feet. 



This beautiful bungalow has a host of friends, and 
is indeed worthy of their admiration. Its exterior shows 
a distinct character of its own, but the inside arrange- 
ment of rooms in each of the two floor plans, the plac- 
ing of the windows, the closets, all have the solid, sub- 
stantial virtues that make a home practical to live in. 

The Pilgrim is a perfect example of how it is possible 
to have the desirable features of the more expensive 
homes at a low cost. 

Two floor plana are offered, Plan A with two bed- 
rooms and plan B three bedrooms. In plan A the living 
room extends across the entire front and if you desire a 

fireplace, an ideal place for 
it would be in the left wall 
where the single window is 
now located. Should you 
intend to build a fireplace 
we will omit this window 
and furnish two smaller 
casement windows, one for 
each side of the fireplace, 
at a small extra cost. 

You have only to exam- 
ine the floor plans of the 
Pilgrim to see how well 
family's needs have been 
provided for. You have 
only to read the complete 
Liberty specifications to 
know that the materials 
are all of the finest qual- 
ity and that the sound, 
durable construction will 
insure your satisfaction in 
this wonderful home 
throughout the years to 

Height of ceilings, 8 feet 
6 inches. 

28 = 


If you have dreamed of some day owning a home of 
five cosy rooms downstairs to meet your family's present 
needs, and with space for two additional sleeping rooms 
upstairs in case you should later require them, the 
Winslow is your dream come true. When you study the 


floor plan below, one of the features that will appeal to 
you is the location of the bedrooms — both on the same 
side of the house, entirely closed off from the living 
room and far enough away from the kitchen so that 
those who wish to sleep may do so undisturbed by 
other members of the family 
who may be using the living 
room or kitchen. It will be 
noted also that the bath is lo- 
cated as far as possible from the 
living room, but is convenient to 
both bedrooms. 

5>ED Qoo/ 


Living Goom 

Bed Gooaa 

5a2 J mm \ 


PoecH . 

; 7-o"x4-o" • 

The large, well-proportioned 
living room has an unusual 
amount of light with the popu- 
lar studio window at the front 
and two regular size windows at 
the side. The dinette arrange- 
ment with the wide curved arch- 
way connecting the living room 
exemplifies the present-day trend 
toward larger living rooms and 
smaller dining rooms — while the 
centrally located stairway, with 
a door to close it off and elim- 
inate the possibility of drafts, is 
in keeping with the frequently 
voiced desire of a great many 
prospective home owners. Height 
of ceilings 8 feet. 

= 29 = 

The SENATOR — -0 IVondetfiu/ Hunj&Low 

at a SutptiiinaLu Jlow (?o4t 

The Senator, a typical American bungalow design is 
a genuine prize winner. The wide roof with the attractive 
dormer, the inviting porch, contribute their share to the 
excellent proportions of this popular bungalow. Two floor 
plans are offered. Plan A having five rooms, two of which 

are bedrooms while Plan B has six rooms with three bed- 
rooms. In Plan A you will find the entrance hall with 
its guest closet for outer wraps. The living room has an 
abundance of light and the wide archway connecting with 
the dining room gives it added roominess and brightness. 

The two big bedrooms 

Bed Soon 



)ld Boom^ 

Dii^ir/c fiooM 

n Bed Boom 

Bed £oom 

Livit/c £oom 

LivitlG Coom Li^f-D Boom 

(each with its own clos- 
et) and the bathroom 
open off the hallway giv- 
ing this side of the house 
much desired privacy. 
The cellar stairway leads 
down from the kitchen 
very handy to the rear 
door. Plan B is arranged 
with three splendid bed- 
rooms in addition to the 
well proportioned living 
room, dining room and 
kitchen. Each bedroom 
has its own closet. The 
bathroom is convenient- 
ly located in the rear off 
of the hall which con- 
nects with the two bed- 
rooms and dining room. 
To provide access to the 
cellar the grade entrance 
addition described on 
page 47 should be used. 
For the man who desires 
a modest home we know 
of no better investment 
than the Senator. Height 
of ceilings 8'6". 

The LAFAYETTE— Pq* J/om*- 

&na 2/ou U/iU He fttoud to &u/n 

This artistic bungalow has always appealed to those 
who want a large well-planned home yet must keep the 
cost down as low as possible. Although the Lafayette has 
considerable floor space, much real comfort and genuine 
charm, it is priced so amazingly low that many people 

Bed Boom 

Bed Booh 

Bed Boom 

- . . \r~y | 

Bed Goon/ 

Living Boom 

I5-0*x IZ-o" j 

• l ■ 1 mJ 

/ \ 1 i i i ' il 

ask us how we do it. Certainly they find no signs of 
economizing in the quality or quantity of materials, no 
skimping anywhere. The economy is achieved in our own 
plant management. You enjoy the perfect fruit of our 
efforts — a home that fulfills your most cherished dreams; 

at several hundred 
dollars less than you 
expected to pay. 

Plan "A" offers 
six rooms and bath 
with the cellar 
stairs conveniently 
located leading down 
from the hall and 
near the kitchen. 
Plan "B" provides 
two bedrooms and 
bath besides the Liv- 
ing room, Dining 
room and Kitchen. 
For the sidewall 
shingles a rich brown 
shingle stain is fur- 
nished with white 
paint for all outside 
trim. This home is 
equally attractive 
entirely in white. 

Height of ceilings 
8' 6". 


c" )0-C\9'-0~ 

<3 r¥ 

Dining Boom 

Bed Boom 

Living Boom 

I4 1 x I2-o" 

= 31 : 

The CASTLEWOOD--£Wt/<*'i 

Taitotite /low (?o5t 4fome 

The Castlewood is a design which proves that you do 
not need a lot of money to own the kind of a home that 
meets all your needs for comfort and appearance, as well 
as sturdiness. Notice the splendid large living room in 
either plan, the roomy bedrooms, each with its own 
closet and the large kitchen which can be arranged to 
provide ample space for dining. Plan B has been designed 
with a convenient grade cellar stairway arrangement, 
which will be preferred by those who desire a basement. 

Shingles are furnished for the sidewalls as shown with 

the color of shingle stain you prefer. Ornamental shutters 
are furnished for all front and side windows. All windows 
have the top sash divided lights as shown. Front door is 
our Colonial design No. 10. If you wish to order the 
Castlewood without the shutters the credit as explained 
on page 42 will be $4.00 per pair. All-in-all, for a home 
that is in such good taste and one so economical to build, 
the Castlewood deserves your earnest consideration, 
Height of ceilings 8 feet. 

= 34 

The CLINTON-^ SpUnduL PUm 

UnlwcpaMed in l/alue 

The importance of good architectural service in the 
huiltling of a modest home is demonstrated clearly in the 
Clinton Here you have a design whose proportions are 
perfect in every detail, giving the exterior that attractive 
appearance which is always admired but so rarely ob- 
tained in the small home. 

The Clinton is available in two sizes as shown, Plan A 
being 20'x28' and Plan B 28'x24'. Gray stain is furnished 
for sidewall shingles. All windows have the divided top 
and bottom sash as shown. Ornamental blinds furnished 
for front windows. Front door design 10. Porch floor 
and outside steps cement. Height of ceilings 8 feet. 

The COLUMBIA- 4m*cti™ - Wall 

Planned - /low In (?o5t 

The Columbia is a type of home that has proved its 
merit and economy over a period of years. It is a design 
that is in good taste in any community and one that of- 
fers a maximum of room area at a minimum cost. 

The large attic space is a feature that is especially de- 
sirable as it provides ample space for two extra bed- 
rooms should they be needed. In Plan "C" the stairway 

to the attic is furnished leading up from the living room 
with the attic flooring being furnished. In Plans "A" and 
"B" this feature can be had at an additional cost which 
will be quoted on request. 

Height of ceilings 1st floor 8'6". Height of attic at cen- 
ter 9 l / 2 feet. 

B #.52°? EH D.N.NfiBOOM 

Be.dDoom'M* Living Doom 

ll-O'112-O- ISO. 12-0- 




i * ' ■ ' 1 

Bed Boom 

ll-6xll : 0' 


Kitchen | 



-J ^— J ^ 

Dining Boom 

Bed Boom 1 1 Living Boom 

HKTeIZ-O" i5'-l.'x)Z-0' 



ZZ L Q' 

111 the Sheridan you have positive proof that comfort, 
practicability and good taste can be combined in a home 
of modest cost. Its exterior manifests quality and durabil- 
ity, and inside, the Sheridan with five comfortable rooms 
and bath and the wide hospitable porch, fulfills all the 
promises of its attractive exterior. Height of ceilings 8'6". 

"Everything is Swell" 

I am coming along great with my 
Sheridan, we are putting on the in- 
terior woodwork and laying the finish 
flooring. Everything is sure swell, and 
we are well satisfied. Lots of people 
have se<'ti my house and no doubt you 
will soon receive several more orders 
from around here. 

Otto Wadel, Wis. 

"Praised by Everyone" 

I can't find words to express how well 
pleased I am with my Liberty Home, 
and for the excellent materials you 
furnished. My Liberty Home is an 
outstanding home in this locality, ami 
the people who stop to inspect it all 
readily say that the material is of an 
unusual fine quality. 

A. Thompson, Ohio 


"Fast Erection" 

Everything is going fine with the house, 
and I am well satisfied with the mate- 
rials. Everyone who has watched it 
going up, and there have been many, 
all were surprised at how fast it went 
up, also were surprised at the good 
grade of material. 

Juhn M. Ryan, Minn. 


Many people who have longed for a cozy home of their own have 
found their choice in the National. Rarely indeed will you find the 
convenience in a bungalow, available at so low a cost, as you secure 
in the National, The large porch, the ideal arrangement of the rooms, 
the privacy of the bedrooms and bath, make the National a favored 
design among home-builders everywhere. Height of ceilings 8 feet. 

= 37 = 


For those preferring only two bed- 
rooms we offer an alternate plan of 
the Delaware which we will be glad 
to send on request. 

It is easy to see why the Delaware is a big favorite with 
home-builders everywhere. In appearance, economy in 
building, arrangement and size of rooms, it is an ideal home 
for the average family. 

The large attractive porch is very convenient. There is 
also the advantage of the large attic space which can be 
finished off any time later on to give extra bedrooms. If you 
wish to make use of the large attic space which has a height 
of over 8 feet we will furnish complete attic stairs with door 
to same from living room and flooring for the attic at a 
small additional cost. For those who desire a home that 
will give a great deal of comfort and convenience at a very 
low cost, we heartily recommend the Delaware. Height of 
ceilings 8 '6". 


A perfect gem of small home design. Its 
floor plan features the latest and most efficient 
ideas of comfort and efficiency. 

To get an attractive, well-planned home like the Beverly 
for so little cost is a happy surprise to home builders. You 
can save even more by building it yourself in your spare 
time. Everything is made so simple with all measuring and 
sawing done in advance for you that no previous experience 
is needed. Shingles are furnished for sidewalls with either 
Silver Gray or Rich Brown stain as preferred. Height of 
ceilings 8' 6". 

= 38: 


A distinctive little bungalow that has an artistic indi- 
viduality usually found only in the larger and more 
expensive homes. It is well planned with all the comfort 
and convenience of a five-room home. 

The attractive exterior of the Eden with its shingled side- 
walls, enhanced by the hospitable porch and shuttered win- 
dow, gives a distinct impression of quality. You have only 
to read the detailed specifications beginning on next page 
to know that the materials furnished are all of the finest 
quality and that the sturdy construction will insure your 
satisfaction with your investment throughout the years to 
come. Height of ceilings 8' 6". 

J^opulat CJata^e -ffome 


If you have purchased your lot but are not ready to build 
your future home, you can save a large sum in rent by build- 
ing this practical garage home which will provide temporary, 
yet comfortable, living quarters for your family until your 
permanent home is completed. In designing the Erie Garage 
Home the construction of the floors, sidewalls, and partitions 
has been arranged to make it possible for you to convert it 
into a 2 -car garage quickly and at a minimum expense, 
giving you a well-built, insulated garage that will be in keep- 
ing with the permanent home you build later on. When 
requested we will furnish exterior door complete in back wall 
of kitchen for $9.75 extra. 

for the Erie Garage Home 

Floor Joists — 2x6" — 24" on centers, over- 
laid with Clear Douglas Fir flooring 
2 %2x2 3"8", evenly matched. 

Single 2x4" plate is used at the bottom 
and a double 2x4" plate at the top of all 
walls and partitions. 

Wall and Partition Studding— 2x4"— 24" 
on centers. (Wallboard not furnished.) 

Ceiling Joists — 2x4" — 24" on centers. 

Rafters — 2x4" — 24" on centers. 

4x6" built-up Girder furnished under cen- 
ter partition. 

1 x 6" roof boards laid tight covered with 
Green Mineral Surfaced roll roofing. 

6" T & G Drop siding for sidewalls. 

2 coats of paint furnished for siding and 
outside trim, 2 coats of varnish fur- 
nished for all interior woodwork except 

Interior woodwork consisting of 2-member 
base and shoe for all rooms and jambs 
and backhand style trim for all in- 
terior openings. 

Height of ceilings 8'. 

= 39 = 

Liberty Homes are Famous 

The sturdiness of a house depends upon two things. — (l) the 
quality and kind of the materials used and (2) the method of 
construction followed. One is as essential as the other. 

Liberty Homes are sturdy homes because the 
materials which go into them are the proper kind 
for the particular place used and are of unques- 
tionable quality — selected and graded with un- 
usual care. But this is not all! Every joist, every 
stud, every header, every rafter, is of the right 
size and strength necessary to support the maxi- 
mum load it is expected to carry. Every piece 
of framing material is cut accurately to insure 

snug-fitting joints. The joists and studding are 
doubled around openings and properly braced 
at all crucial points so that there is no sagging 
or swaying. The completed structure stands firm 
and solid — strong and sturdy, from foundation 
to peak of roof. There is no better type of con- 
struction than that used in Liberty Homes, as 
ycu will see when you read the detailed specifi- 
cations which follow. 

Here's What Goes Into a Liberty Home! 

Triple Studs 
at Corners 

Framing Material 

No. 1 Fir, carefully selected for quality and 
strength and thoroughly seasoned. This material is 
all machine surfaced on four sides to standard 
width and thick- 
ness, accurately cut 
lo fit and marked 
to conform with 
the complete detail 
working plans. 


No. 1 Fir, built 
up of three 2xS's 
are furnished for 
all homes except- 
ing the Castle- 
wood, Clinton A, 
Eden, and Sheri- 
dan which have 
girders built up 
of three 2x6's. 

furnished with all homes excepting the Castlewood, 
Clinton A, Eden, and Sheridan which have 2x8" 
floor joists spaced 24" on centers. In all 2-story 
designs the second floor joists are 2x8" spaced 16" 
on centers. 

Attic Floor 

Heavy Box Sill 

Type Floor 


Foundation Wall Plates 

2x6" Wall Plates are furnished for around the 
entire top of foundation wall. 

Floor Joist Headers 

2x8" Headers are furnished for across ends of 
floor joists (see illustration) forming a "Box Sill 
Type Construction." 

Main Floor Joists 

2x8" first floor joists spaced 16" on centers are 


2x8" Attic Floor 
Joists, spaced 16" 
on centers are fur- 
nished with all de- 
signs where attic 
stairs are furnished 
to provide access 
to the attic. 

Ceiling Joists 

2 x 6" Ceiling 
Joists spaced 16" 
on centers are fur- 
nished for all de- 
signs except the 
Clinton A and 
Eden which have 2x4" ceiling joists 16" on centers. 


2x6" Main Roof Rafters, 24" on centers, are fur- 
nished for all homes except the Castlewood, Clinton 
A, Eden and Sheridan which have 2x4" rafters 24" 
on centers with collar beams furnished as required. 
For the Van Dyke 2x4" rafters are furnished 16" 
on centers. 

Wall and Partition Plates 

A single 2x4" plate is used at the bottom and a 

= 40 = 

double 2x4" plate at the top of all walls and par- 
titions. This forms a "Fire Stop" which prevents 
any circulation of air between the studding from 
cellar to attic, thereby reducing the fire hazard and 
in addition results in a much warmer and more 
substantial home. 


2x4" spaced 16" on centers for all outside walls and 
partitions. Studs and headers are doubled around 
openings. Triple studs furnished at corners. 

Bridging — Tie Plates 

Cross-bridging, cut to fit ready to nail in place is 
furnished for all floor joist spans. On all spans up to 
12 feet a single row of bridging is furnished. On all 
spans 14 feet and over two rows of bridging are 


1x6" selected No. 2 Silver Fir, cut to fit, is fur- 
nished as a sub-floor for entire floor surface on both 
first and second floors and for sidewall sheathing on 
all exterior walls under the siding or shingles. Silver 
Fir is one of the finest materials available for use as 
sheathing. Heavy asphalted insulating building paper 
is supplied for between the subflooring and finish 
flooring on both floors and between the sidewall 
sheathing and siding or shingles on the sidewalls. 

Roof Boards 

1x4" Silver Fir roof boards, spaced 2" apart are 
furnished for all roof surfaces. Spacing the roof 
boards in this manner permits air to get at the 
shingles underneath thereby insuring a long lasting 
roof. When Asphalt shingles are ordered, 1x6" roof 
boards are furnished laid tight. 


All necessary furring material is furnished as re- 
quired. This includes 2x2" material to fur out par- 
titions for soil pipe, 1x6" partition backing, etc. 

Roof Shingles 

16" No. 1 "Certigrade" Red Cedar shingles, laid 
with a 5" exposure, are furnished for both the main 
roof and porch roofs. These high grade shingles. 
100% edge-grain, 100% clear and 100% heartwood 
can be expected to have a life of more than 35 years 
under average conditions. They are guaranteed by 
the manufacturer to give satisfactory service for not 
less than 25 years. (Shingle stain for roof shingles 
not furnished.) 

Asphalt Shingles 

Barrett's guaranteed Asphalt shingles are optional 
in place of the Red Cedar shingles for the roof at 
the extra price as quoted on price list. Slaters felt 
is furnished to be applied under the asphalt shingles. 
Illustrated folder describing the Barrett's shingle will 
be sent on request. 

Sidewalls — Siding 

J^x8" Clear Redwood or Red Cedar Bevel siding 
(our option) with metal miters for corners, is fur- 
nished for the sidewalls of the Vernon and LaSalle. 
For all other designs showing siding, J/£x6" Clear 
Redwood or Red Cedar Bevel siding (our option) is 

Sidewalls — Shingles 

16" No. 1 "Certigrade" Red Cedar Shingles are 
furnished for finishing the exterior sidewalls of all 
designs where shingled sidewalls are shown in the 
illustration. These shingles are the same high quality 
as the roof shingles, being 100% edgegrain, 100% 
clear and 100% heartwood and when properly ap- 
plied on sidewalls can be expected to last indefinitely. 
Shingles are laid in single courses with an exposure 
of 7" to the weather except on the Brighton, Cava- 
lier, Cornell, Worthington, Winslow, Fairfield and 
May fair designs which have the sidewall shingles laid 
in double courses (two layers of shingles in each 
course) with a 12" exposure to the weather. Pitts- 
burgh "Tor-on" Shingle stain is furnished for two 
full brush coats in the color you prefer, either Silver 
Gray, Rich Brown or White. 

If siding should be desired in place of the sidewall 
shingles we will substitute your preference of either 
l / 2 xb" or H xS " bevel siding with three coats of 
paint at a small additional cost which will be quoted 
on request. 



Complete materials are furnished for porches ex- 
cept where design calls for masonry construction. All 
porch columns and newels are completely assembled 
Porch railing, balusters, etc., machined ready to be 
fitted in place. Porch flooring is selected Clear 
Douglas Fir, ffx2->£". Clear matched ceiling, i%" 
face is supplied for overhead ceiling of all porches. 
This ceiling is all machined to a smooth finish, ready 
for the exterior varnish which is furnished for two 
full coats. 

= 41 = 

Exterior Mouldings and Trim 

All mouldings, corner boards, brackets, including 
facia and frieze boards are clear, machined to a 
smooth finished surface and furnished complete in 
required sizes and in lengths sufficiently long to 
allow for accurate fitting. 

Cornice Ceiling 

Clear matched ceiling, 3J4" face is furnished for 
all open cornices. 

Doors — Exterior 

The various types of exterior doors are as shown 
in illustration. All doors are first quality, manufac- 
tured with solid rails, solid stiles, solid raised panels 

and are glazed as 
shown. Design No. 1 
door is furnished for 
all rear entrances. De- 
sign No. 6 is used 
where plan calls for 
entrance to side porch 
as in the Richmond 
and Ashland designs. 
All front doors are 
furnished according to 
the type as shown in 
illustration of home. 


Dtsicr. No. I Dlsism Ho 2 Dejicm Mo.3 


Desicn No.G Design No.9 Dlsigu Ko.tO 

Doors — Interior 

All inside doors arc 
standard size, fur- 
nished in the modern 
and attractive two- 
panel design having 
beautiful rotary cut 
Fir panels. Closet 
doors are furnished for 

Door and Window Jambs 

All jambs are furnished for Lath and Plaster con- 
strue! ion. If you intend using wallboard with no 
plaster finish your order should specify the thickness 
of the wallboard you are using so proper size jambs 
can be furnished. 

Outside Steps 

All material for outside steps is accurately cut to 
fit, bundled, ready to nail together. Steps are not 
furnished for either front or rear when porch floors 
or stoops are cement. In such cases the steps should 
also be of cement. 

Flower Boxes 

Complete materials, machined and ready to as- 
semble, are furnished for ilower boxes and supporting 
brackets where shown in illustration. 

Trellis Work 

All material necessary for trellises is furnished 
where shown in illustration. 

Ornamental Shutters 

Ornamental window shutters are furnished com- 
plete as shown in illustration with screws for fas- 
tening shutters to wall. If you desire to have the 
shutters omitted on your order the credit will be 
.S4.00 per pair. 

Finish Flooring 

Selected Clear Douglas Fir finish flooring 
f§x2^", evenly matched and well suited for a 
varnished floor is furnished throughout. Select oak 
flooring, Hx2j4", is optional and will be substi- 

tuted for the Fir flooring where desired at an 
additional cost. At the extra cost quoted on price 
list Select Oak flooring will be furnished to cover 
the entire floor surface in the main rooms which in- 
clude the living and dining rooms, front halls and 

Attic Floor 

1x6" Selected Silver Fir Sheathing is furnished for 
attic floor when attic stairs are shown. In the Ta- 
coma and Vernon designs the attic floor covers the 
entire area where the future rooms are shown on 
suggested second floor plan, In other designs having 
attic stairs the attic flooring is furnished to cover a 
space 14 feet wide through center of attic. 

Door and Window Frames 

All door and window frames are manufactured 
from clear White Pine. Pulley stiles are cut for 
pockets and are bored for pulleys. All members are 
machined to exact size, each frame bundled sep- 
arately and ready to assemble. All frames have 
special offset for screens and storm sash. Exterior 
door frames arc furnished with oak thresholds. 

Window Sash 

All sash are manufactured from clear White Pine 
— the finest sash produced — glazed with fine quality 
window glass which is well lacked and puttied. 
Windows are furnished with plain or divided sash 
to conform with illustrations of the various de- 
signs as pictured in the catalog. 

Interior Woodwork 

All interior woodwork complete for windows, door 
casings, door jambs, stops, baseboards, base shoe, 
stairwork, etc., is manufactured from clear selected 
kiln-dried Arkansas Soft Pine. This satin-like In- 
terior Trim is of close fiber, fine grain, free from pitch 
and resinous oils and is of uniform texture through- 
out. As Arkansas Soft Pine contains no oily or res- 
inous content to later work through and discolor the 
finished effect it is ideal for either a natural varnish, 
slain and varnish or enamel finish. It takes the ap- 
plied color treatment, absorbing them evenly over the 
entire surface and eliminates all hazard of blotchy 
or spotty appearance. AH interior finish is carefully 
machined to a smooth, satin-like finish and carefully 
packed to insure reaching you in perfect condition. 


The most efficient planning and construction arc 
incorporated in Liberty Stairs. The intricate work 
of stair making is all done for you by modern ma- 
chinery here in our factory. Stair posts are assembled 
and the treads, risers, mouldings, railings and 
balusters, ready to be fitted in place. Cellar stairs as 
well as stairs to the attic are furnished complete 
where shown on plans. 

Finish Hardware 

All finish hardware for the doors and windows is 
furnished complete. Mortise locksets manufactured 
by Corbin in a new modern attractive design, 
finished in dull brass are furnished for all doors. 
Loose pin mortise butts 3 l /2x3 l / 2 " also in brass finish 
are furnished for all doors. Special ball bearing 
double acting floor hinge and bevel plate glass push 
plates size 3x12" furnished for the swinging door to 
kitchen. Sash locks and sash lifts are furnished for 
all check rail windows in a non-rusting sanded brass 
finish. Casement window butts and catches for all 
swinging windows. 

Building Hardware 

All building hardware supplies are furnished com- 
plete as required including sash cord, counterbalanc- 


inp weights and pulleys for all check rail windows, 
not dipped zinc coated shingle nails, all other nails 
and brads of proper size and quantities. Heavy 
weight asphalt saturated insulating paper is fur- 
nished for between the sub-flooring and finish floor- 
ing and between the sidewall sheathing and siding 
or shingles. 


All tinwork supplies as required are furnished 
including ridge roll, ornamental hip shingles, roll 
valley tin, metal corners for mitered siding, chimney 
flashings, etc. This material is all standard 28 gaupe 
heavily galvanized. Eave troughs and down spouts 
not furnished. Sheet metal work for bays on Worth- 
ington and Richmond designs not furnished. 

Outside Painting Materials 

Pittsburgh Paint Products are furnished for all 
exterior work. White lead and pure linseed oil paint 
for three full coats, a prime coat and two finish 
coats, are furnished in pure white or any color 
selected for the siding and all exterior trim. The 
necessary quantities of pure linseed oil and turpen- 
tine are furnished for thinning. Pittsburgh's long- 
wearing "Florhide" Porch Floor Enamel is furnished 
for two coats on porch floors and steps. Color card 
showing outside paints, porch floor enamels, inside 
enamels and stains, from which you can choose the 
colors you prefer for your home will be mailed 
on request. 

Finishing Interior Woodwork 

Strictly pure gum shellac and water-spar quick 
drying varnish or oil stain and water-spar varnish 
are furnished for all interior woodwork including 
doors and trim, window trim, stair work, baseboards, 
etc., for two full coats. If Enamel finish is preferred, 
we will furnish a high quality four-hour quick dry- 
ing Enamel in either semi-gloss or high-gloss finish 
for the woodwork in any room at no extra charge. 
Enamel finish is very practical and desirable and 
when used a special prepared undcrcoatcr is fur- 

nished for the first coat to give a proper base under 
the Enamel. No wallpaper, paints or enamels are 
furnished for inside walls or ceilings. 

Finishing Interior Floors 

For interior floors a Natural Finish is recom- 
mended. For a Natural Finish we furnish sufficient 
quick-drying water-spar varnish for two full coats. 
If stained floors are desired we will furnish oil stain 
in the finish you prefer for the first coat. When Oak 
flooring is ordered a natural oak paste filler is fur- 
nished in addition to two full coats of water-spar 

Fireplace and Chimneys 

Although on some of the plans the location of 
fireplaces and chimneys is suggested according to our 
best judgment, we believe it best to leave the final 
decision up to the home builder himself. Therefore. 
the materials are not cut for fireplace or chimney 
openings, and you may locate the chimneys where 
you prefer. If you do not want a fireplace you need 
not build it at all. No materials for fireplaces or 
chimneys arc furnished (sec masonry materials). 

Masonry Materials 
Plaster Base 

The prices of such items as brick, sand, gravel, 
cement, wallboard. plaster lath and plaster arc so 
nearly the same in all localities it is to the advantage 
of our customers to secure these materials from their 
local mason supply dealer as needed. By doing so, 
they can start the foundation work in time to have 
it completed when the Liberty Home arrives. It is 
of utmost importance that the foundation be built 
correctly. We, therefore, furnish complete founda- 
tion plans, which are prepared for each individual 
order showing the proper foundation construction. 
There is no charge for this service. Our aim is to 
aid our customers in every possible way to secure a 
first-quality home in the safest, quickest, most prac- 
tical way and at the very lowest expenditure. 

Liberty Owners Tell Us: 
Ifout Jlumbet 3* tka 7tne4t IVe £vet *?aw" 

His Home Is Greatly Admired 
"My home is a very attractive one and is much admired. 
I shall be very glad to answer any letters of inquiry in 
regard to my experience with the 'Brighton.' and by per- 
.-onal contact to give you a hearty endorsement. Your 
treatment has been very courteous, the excellent quality of 
materials furnished has been acknowledged by everyone, 
the building has gone together smoothly, and everything 
has been entirely satisfacory." 

Edson J. Cheever. New Hampshire 

Strongest Constructed House 

"My 'Wellington B' is now about 75 per cent complete 
and I am more than satisfied with it. The material is the 
finest that has ever gone into a building in this district. 
I have two carpenters working for me and they tell me it 
is the strongest constructed house that they have ever 
built. We have plenty of material for everything, and the 
drawings arc very easy to understand." 

Paul S. Hcrgcnrothcr, Pennsylvania 

The Talk Of The Town 

"Our new home is certainly creating a lot of interest in 
this little town of 500. I think most of the population has 
inspected it. Our carpenter thinks the lumber is excellent 
and doesn't see how you do it for the price you ask." 

Mrs. K. F. Smith, Illinois 

House Unharmed By Hurricane 

"I have only the highest praise for Liberty Homes, and 
especially as to their durability. In the recent hurricane, 
our home certainly stood the test. All around us the trees 
were torn up by the roots, and houses were swept from 
their foundations. Vet our house stood unharmed through 
it all. It certainly speaks well for the durability of Liberty 
Homes." E. S. Haines, Connecticut 

Amazed At Fine Quality 
''We are more than pleased with the quality of the lum- 
ber and the ease of erection of our Liberty Home. Passers- 
by exclaim at the rapidity of construction, and carpenters 
of many years' experience say they have never seen better 
lumber. We have found that the people are especially 
interested in the fine quality of the lumber, the fact that 
every piece is available, the very fine flooring, the smooth- 
as-satin window frames, and the fact that paint and interior 
finish for wood-work and floors is provided." 

Hilary Lamb, Indiana 

Dealers Admit Lumber Is O.K. 

"We are progressing very well with our two houses. 
The material was all received in very good condition and 
am well satisfied with it. Some of the local lumber dealers 
were over to see the material and had to admit it was all 
O.K. You can refer anyone to me to see the houses and 
I will gladly recommend them to anyone." 

Win. Wiedeman, Iowa 


Lumber Cut-to-Fit 

—Ready to Erect 


Paints, Varnish, Nails, 

Glass, etc., All Included 


No Extras to Buy! 

1. Built-up girders. 

2. Foundation wall plates. 

3. Floor joist headers. 

4. Floor joists. 

5. Ceiling joists. 

6. Collar beams as needed. 

7. Rafters. 

8. Wall and partition plates. 

9. Studding 16" on centers and 
doubled around openings. 

10. Triple corner posts. 

11. Tie plates. 

12. Double cross bridging. 

13. Roof boards. 

14. Sidewall sheathing. 

15. Sub-flooring. 

16. Partition furring. 

17. Porch material as specified. 

18. Outside steps. (Unless shown 
in masonry.) 

19. Lifetime "Certigrade" Red 
Cedar shingles for roof. 
Guaranteed 25 years. 

20. Clear Redwood or clear Red 
Cedar bevel siding, or "Cer- 
tigrade" Red Cedar shingles 
for sidewalk. 

21. All cornice material furnished 
according to detail. Clear 
matched ceiling over exposed 

22. All mouldings as required. 

23. All outside trim material, 
clear selected stock. 

24. Clear Douglas Fir finish 

25. Clear Y.P. inside trim. 

26. Clear Y.P. baseboard and 
base shoe. 

27. Main stairway complete. 

28. Basement and attic stairs 
complete where shown on 

29. Attic flooring. 

30. All exterior and interior 

31. Door and window frames. 

32. Window sash already glazed 
with clear flat drawn glass. 

33. Flower boxes with brackets 
as shown in illustration. 

34. Ornamental window blinds 
where shown in illustration. 

35. All nails in sizes required and 
guaranteed quantities. 



36. Hot dipped zinc coated nails 
for roof shingles. 

37. Heavily galvanized flashings 
for chimneys, valleys, ridge 
roll, hip shingles, etc. 

38. Waterproof insulating build- 
ing paper for floors and 

39. Corbin locksets for all doors, 
hinges, push plates, window 
hardware fittings. 

40. Three full coats Pittsburgh 
Paints for siding and all ex- 
terior trim. Shingle stain for 
two full brush coats for side- 
wall shingles. Necessary oil, 
turpentine, etc. furnished. 
Water-spar varnish, stains, 
enamels, for 2 coats interior 
floors and trim. 

41. Complete architects plans 
and working instructions. 

At the prices quoted on the homes 
shown in this catalogue, we pay all 
the freight charges to any point in 
the 21 states listed below. 










New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
New York 



Rhode Island 



West Virginia 


Shipment Made in 10 to 15 Days Follow- 
ing Receipt of Order and reaches 
destination usually in 4 to 5 days. 


(J T WOULD require dozens of pages to re- 
— * produce the multitude of letters which we 
have received from Liberty Home Owners tell- 
ing how well pleased they are over the tremen- 
dous savings they made as compared with what 
they would have had to pay for a home of the 
same quality and size at the prices charged by 

builders or contractors in their own locality. 
The letters below are typical examples of 
what our customers say. Read them. They are 
conclusive proof that you can save hundreds 
of dollars by taking advantage of the Liberty 
Ready-Cut System when you build your new 

A Saving Of At Least $2,000 
"We are living in our new home and are 
sure satisfied with it and your prompt serv- 
ice and treatment. I consider the material 
first class, and will say I have saved at least 
S2.000 as compared with what it would have 
cost me if I had bought material at home." 
A. B. Hills, Pennsylvania 


What These 

\ Owners I 

Cost $1,000 To $1,500 Less 

"My wife and I, with the help of two men the first 

two weeks, did the entire job other than the plastering 

and brick masonry. I have been advised that a similar 

house constructed locally cost from SI. 000 to SI. 500 more." 

Lawrence Mai tin, Vermont 

Better Materials, Yet Saved $1,000 

"I received the Liberty ready-cut home and can honestly 
say the material is much better than any I could have 
bought locally. I saved at least $1,000.00. Anyone who 
wants to save money and can drive a nail has no excuse 
for not owning a Liberty." 

Russell Thompson, Indiana 

Price Amazes Carpenters 

"The material you sent for the Columbia 'A' is the 
best that any carpenter has seen around here. It was all 
clearly marked and blueprints complete in every respect 
and your instructions were clear. There have been several 
first class carpenters inspecting my home and all asked 
me how much the lumber cost me. The closest guess was 
S '.300.00. They call me a liar, but I show them the bill 
and then they just shake their heads." 

Steve Drahushak. New York 

Lumber Dealers Wanted $550 More 

"We received our 'Clinton B' Liberty Home in perfect 
condition. We have had a number of inquiries about 
costs, etc. and most of the inquiries are: 'How can such 
good materials be put up at such low cost?' We secured 
estimates from local and nearby dealers for same amount 
of material. They asked $550.00 more for same." 

O. A. Johnson, Connecticut 


Saved $700 On Materials 

"The carpenter who is doing the work 
erecting our 'Clinton' certainly likes work- 
ing with your materials. This is his first 
experience building a Liberty Home and 
he hopes to put up many more of them. 
We can truthfully say that we have already 
saved about S700.00." 

Joseph Patko, New Jersey- 

Others Asked Over Twice As Muih 

"The 'Dover' house that I bought from you in May 
is just completed by me and my son-in-law in our spare 
time and he is moving in on the 29th. We employed a 
carpenter for two weeks on the frame. With all the bath- 
room fixtures, plumbing, lights and everything up to date, 
1 have less than S2,000 in the place. I have been offered 
SI. 000 above the cost for my labor in my spare time 
which I think is pretty good. One of my local dealers said 
he wanted S2.000 for the lumber that you furnished for 
less than SI. 000. We had a great time building it — nothing 
to it! Never worked at the carpenter trade, just a little 
handy." Albert W. Vinton, Massachusetts 

Saved At Least $500 

"I find material of first grade, as good, if not better, 
than I could have bought locally. I also know that anyone 
can put one up without carpenter experience, and that 
I saved at least S500.00 on our home." 

B, O. Shadman. Pennsylvania 

Figures He Saved $1,500 

•'Received my Wellington 'A* in fine condition and it 
certainly is fine lumber. It is as nice lumber as I have 
ever seen going into a house. There have been a few 
lumber salesmen around and have admired the lumber very 
much. We have the home almost under roof. Everything 
has fit fine and the blueprints are easily understood. Also 
we have done all the work ourselves outside of getting a 
man to help put the roof on and a bricklayer to put the 
fireplace and chimney up. We dug our own foundation by 
hand, laid up the foundation, then put up all the house- 
framing. We figure that wc saved about SI. 500. 00 on 
labor and materials and are thankful that we sent for 
your catalog when we did." 

Albert M. Mohn, Wisconsin 


1 1- 

■1 1 

1 I" 

•1 1 





1 M 1 


i ~ i 


i 1 -* 1 

1 - 

| KH | 

~| ryn |n|n| 

'Kitchen ..Gab? net .Style C-l' 

-Kitchen Cabinet/Style C-£' 

Practical Modem Kitckeni 

Kitchen cabinets may be had in any of the arrangements here shown. 
They are designed to provide a maximum of convenience, being equipped 
with sliding breadboards and adjustable shelves. Bottom sections are 20 
inches deep, providing a large work-table area. The upper sections are 12 
inches deep. When you write and tell us which Liberty Home you are 
thinking about purchasing, we will suggest the type of cabinet that is 
most suitable. 

1 r 

•1 1 


i i- 

•i i 

1 ~ 1 

1 - 1 




-Kitchen Cabinet Style; C3- 

1 \ 

1 1 


1 1 

•1 1 






^ 1_r 1 

: ■ 1 

1 ~ 

1 ~ 


~ II 




-Kitchen Cabinet Style- C- 4- - 

1 1- 


-i i 

i i- 

\ i 



i - ii • 

i ~ 

[ ■ 

i ~ 
i - 

Kitchen Cabinet 
Style C-5 

The Cabinets shown at the top of the 
page, Cabinets C-l and C-2, are designed 
for exterior walls 12 feet or more in 


Cabinets C-3 and C-4 are adapted to 
exterior walls 12 feet in length or less. 

If cabinet is desired for an interior 
wall, styles C-5 and C-6 are most prac- 

All cabinets are supplied in natural 
wood, unpainted, complete hardware 
fittings are furnished, together with 
stain and varnish or enamel to match 
other kitchen woodwork. 








i ~ 1 

1 1 



i " i 


1 — ' 




E C- 



Special Features You May Desire 

The various items illustrated below are not 
included in the materials regularly furnished for 
Liberty Homes, because many of our customers 
wish to wait and purchase them when they need 
them. It is more economical, however, to order 

them so that they can be shipped along with 
the materials for the house, thereby saving any 
extra transportation charges. The prices of these 
items will be found on the price list of Liberty 

Window Screens — Combination Doors — Storm Sash 

Strongly con- 
structed to give de- 
pendable service for 
many years. Zinc 
coated screen wire 
is used which is 
rust-proof. Shipped 
complete ready for 
fitting. Prices in- 
clude necessary 

You can save a 
large portion of 
your fuel cost each 
year and enjoy 
added comfort .by 
equipping your 
home with storm 
doors and storm 
sash. Prices include 
all hardware fit- 

Ironing Board 

An ironing board built 
in the wall is always clean 
and handy for use. The 
board is firmly supported 
insuring absolute rigidity. 
Price quoted applies only 
when ordered with a Lib- 
erty Home. 


A convenient built-in 
cabinet for your bathroom. 
Contains mirror in door 
size 14 by IS inches, 3 
adjustable shelves 3J4" 
deep. Requires rough open- 
ing in wall 20" wide and 
24" high. 

Cellar Windows 

i mm% 



Wiring Supplies 

The wholesale prices for wiring supplies as quoted on price list cover all 
necessary materials for the complete wiring of each home including Romcx 
Sheathed Cable in size 14-2 wire, all fixture boxes, switch boxes and base plug 
boxes equipped with the new approved suspension type metal hangers, special 
entrance wire, conduit, ground wires and other fittings together with all neces- 
sary accessory items such as friction tape, solder, etc., giving complete wiring 
service up to the Power Company's lead-in wire. (Main Entrance switch, light 
bulbs or light fixtures are not furnished.) All materials are endorsed by the 
National Fire Underwriters Association. 

Grade Entrance Addition 

An enclosed grade entrance addition with stairs leading from 
kitchen to the grade landing and grade door and from grade 
landing to basement. Very con- 
venient where cellar stairs are 
not provided for in the regular 



If you intend having a basement you should include in your 
order' the number of cellar windows that are needed. Price 
quoted includes everything complete, frame, two-light glazed 
sash, and hardware. Make opening in foundation 2 feet 8 
inches wide by 2 feet high and the frames can then be set in 
place after wall is completed. 

= 47, 



TO accommodate all our customers we of- 
1 fer several different payment plans. 
Naturally, the most economical way to buy 
is for cash. But if it is not convenient for 
you to forward the entire cash with your 
order you may choose any one of the other 
payment plans described below. All remit- 
tances should be by certified check, bank 
draft, money order or your own personal 

Cash in Full with Order 

A cash discount of Two Percent is allowed off 
of the regular list price of any home when the 
full amount is sent with the order. The list 
price of each home is shown on the Freight 
Paid Price List which is enclosed. This price 
includes everything listed under the specifica- 
tions, including prepaid freight, in accordance 
with our guarantee. 

f| One-Third with Order, 
V Balance on Delivery 
you prefer to send one-third of the list price 
with your order, you may do so, and then pay 
the remaining two-thirds when the materials 
arrive and you take delivery. Under this plan 
you are allowed the privilege of examining 
the materials in the car before releasing pay- 
ment of the balance. A cash discount of One 
Percent is allowed off of the list price of any 
home when one-third is paid with the order 
and the balance on delivery. 

Five-Day Examination 

Deposit the full list price of your home in 
your own bank. Fill out the Order Blank. 
Ask your bank to fill out the "Letter of De- 
posit" on the back of the order. Mail the 
order to us. The materials will be shipped to 
you for five days' examination. The bank will 
not release the money to us until the five-day 
examination period is over, and you find every- 
thing is satisfactory. Under this plan a cash 
discount of Five Dollars is allowed off of the 
regular list price. 

• Building Loan 
„ 3u are planning on financing your new 
home through a Bank, Building & Loan Asso- 
ciation or other financial institution we are 
ready to co-operate by arranging terms of 
payment that will be mutually satisfactory. 
When you have made arrangements for your 
loan, then fill out the Order Blank and mail it 
to us with the name of the loaning agency you 
are dealing with. No payment is required with 
the order under these terms as we will arrange 
with the loaning agency for payment as the 
construction work progresses. 

Monthly Payment Plan 

Three Years to Pay 

For homebuilders who find that it is not con- 
venient to meet the regular cash terms, we 
have developed a convenient monthly payment 
plan which requires only a small down pay- 
ment with the order, the balance being pay- 
able in equal monthly payments extending over 
a period of three years. If you own a lot free 
and clear or the means to obtain one, and a 
little cash besides, you can do like thousands 
of our customers have done, who have used 
this plan to secure homes of their own, and 
who could never otherwise have done so. The 
amount of the Down Payment and the 
Monthly payments for each design are shown 
on the Time Payment Price List which is 

You have studied the house designs. You have studied the specifications. You have read the 
letters from other Liberty Home builders. You have seen that Liberty Homes as pictured in this 
book are designed by skilled architects and engineers, who planned homes that are staunch, 
sturdy, practical, but also beautiful. One of these homes is just the home you want. Then don't 
put off building it. Home ownership has been made so easy that you are simply wasting good 
money if you keep on paying rent. You can be living in the home of your choice within a few 
short weeks. Decide which of the payment plans listed above will be most convenient for you, 
then write and let us help you with your plans at once. 

Use the Order Blank on Next Paae 








Cash in full with 

One-third with 
order, balance 
on delivery 

Five-Day Exam- 
ination plan 

Building Loan 

Monthly Payment 



Ordered by . . . 
Street or R.F.D. 



Ship to 


County State- 


Enter my order for the 

Liberty Home which is to be shipped as instructed 
with the freight charges fully prepaid to my station. 

Enclosed is payment of $ 

according to terms of purchase specified above. 

It is understood that everything will be furnished complete, as 
called for in the specifications, and that safe delivery to my 
station is guaranteed. 

Signed . 















has deposited with us 

the sum of ($ ) 

which sum has been set aside as a special fund for you, and is to be released 
and paid to you within five days after the arrival of the car with the materials for 
the LIBERTY HOME ordered from you. 

If said MR 

should not be satisfied that the materials conform with the specifications as described 
in the catalog of Liberty Homes, and so notifies us within the above five day period, 
we will hold this deposit pending an investigation and will forward it to the LEWIS 
MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Bay City, Michigan, immediately upon being 
advised by 


that a satisfactory adjustment has been made. 





Materials Shipped to You 

for Your Inspection 

C7 f) "UTHOUT your paying us a single 
Ul/ penny in advance, we will ship to 
your station all materials for any Liberty 
Home you order. Keep your money right 
in your own bank. Just fill out both sides 
of the order blank at the back of this cata- 
log, mail it to us, and we will ship you the 
materials so that you can examine them and 

see that every- 
thing is exactly 
as we have rep- 

A Liberty owner 

inspecting the materials 

for his new home. 

You can keep the materials for five 
days, so that you will have ample time to 
inspect them thoroughly. Not until you 
have found that the materials meet with 
your unqualified approval will your bank 
release the purchase money to us. Can 
you think of any offer that could be 

DO IT NOW! Look over the Liberty 
Home designs. Decide upon the one that 
suits you best, and mail your order to us 
today. The home of your dreams 
will be on its way to you with- 
out the slightest delay, and we 
pledge the resources and abili- 
ties of our entire organization to 
the end that you may be satis- 
fied and happy in your Liberty 

Our Guarantee 

Protects You! 

This iron-clad 
Guarantee gives 
you absolute 
assurance you 
will be satisfied 
with any Liberty 
Home you buy. 

You Take 
No Risk ar All! 

Order Your 


with Your 

Liberty Home 

The Chrysler 

"The Ideai" 

The materials for Liberty Garages are all of the same 
high quality as used in Liberty Homes. Specifications 
include floor plate 2x4" embedded in concrete. Studding 
2x4" on 24" centers. Rafters 2x4" on 24" centers. Clear 
Red Cedar Shingles for roof. Clear drop siding for entire 
sidewalls and gables except Ideal Garage which has 1x6" 
sheathing and Red Cedar shingles. Garage doors and 
swinging casement windows furnished as shown. All 
necessary nails, paint or stain for two full coats. Ma- 
terials for floors not furnished as concrete is generally 

All lumber is furnished accurately cut to fit, enabling 
any handy man to build a Liberty Garage without diffi- 
culty. Complete working plans and detailed instructions 
are furnished free. 

Save the Freight by Ordering Your Garage Shipped 
with Your Liberty Home.